Pick a Colour

Mission & Vision:

There is good number of very Brilliant Students scoring more than 70% marks in class 12th in spite of having studied in ordinary schools and not having good facilities. These students can get admission in Engineering, Pharmacy, Computer / Software, Medical courses, but due to very low income, their parents can not impart higher education to them. Our activity is to financially and mentally support such students so that they can become Engineers, Doctors etc., and uplift their families.

  • At present we are working in Gujarat, where there is potential to support approx 500 such needy and worthy Scholars everyear.
  • But we are able to support on an average 80 Scholars, as per availability of funds. Our vision is to increase intake as much as possible and thereby uplift more needy families.
  • We are supporting Needy Scholars Financially as well as motivating and mentoring them continuously to ensure their best performance academically and professionally.