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Welcome to Higher Eduction Support Trust

Brief History of Trust’s Acitivity:-

The activity in the first year (2006-07) of the establishment of this Trust. :-

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In March 2006, we conceived this activity and firmed up our mind to focus our work in this slot which has excellent potential to uplift large no of families by way of financially and motivationally to support very brilliant students, hailing from financially very weak families and so, their children though obtain 70/80/90% plus marks in class 12 (Science) and can obtain admissions in degree courses in Engineering, Medical etc., they cannot get them educated because of their not being able to afford the expenses..

We observed that if such brilliant students get educated by our financial support within about 4~5 years, they will be able to become Engineers or Doctors etc. and then would be able to earn good income and UPLIFT their families.

We therefore inserted small advertisement in the local newspapers inviting applications for such students and their parents who would appear in class 12 examinations in March 06. Against our press advertisement, we got applications from 116 brilliant students.

We selected 55 out of 116 applications based on the most brilliant and the most needed ones. We interviewed them and selected 42 students who extremely deserved students.

We then, made synopsis of about 38 students and sent to our friends etc. with a letter of appeal to consider helping as many students as possible. Based on the positive response received from various donors, we could extend financial assistance in the first year of our commencement of this activity, to 38 students.

The Second Year (2007-08) of the activity :-

Since, normally annual exams of 12th are held in March of every year and the activity of the trust had commenced in March 06, we did not have much time to obtain all Gujarat statistics for selection of the first batch of students appeared for exams in March 06 and depended more response to our press Advertisement.

However, after the work for the selection of the first batch was completed, we got in touch with Directors of Education of each District of Gujarat and got the list of High Schools and obtained List of needy Students.

In the second year of our activity, considering 38 students to be taken care of the first year and availability of funds, we gave scholarships to 14 fresh students in 2007-08 who had secured excellent marks in March 07 exam of 12th and were hailing from very needy families.

The Third year of (2008-09) of the activity of the Trust. :

We were all the time trying to get funds from more donors so that in the Third year, we can induct more students and also take care of 34 + 14 = 48 existing scholars as we have to help each year for 4 to 5 years of their full course. It was heartening that with the help of Share and Care Foundation, we got excellent commitment from Dr. Doshis of New York and locally by Adani Group and Cadila Group, we were in a position to induct much large no of fresh students as our scholars.

We made extensive scrutiny of these applications, got details in our proforma, got details of admissions secured etc. Large no of our matured volunteers and mentors visited residences of almost 200 selected applicants based on their merit and means.

We meticulously prepared tabulations of these students along with visit reports and have finally released fresh scholarships to as much as 93 students.

Now there are 38 + 14 + 93 = 145 students who are getting financial support from us for their higher studies.

The fourth year of our activity (2009-10):-

Similarly, when in May 2009, the result of 12th (Science) wad declared, next day, we had advertised and written to large no of Schools to identify Brilliant but needy students. This time, we had increased the eligibility of minimum marks by 5% as last year, we had received 419 applications and we sanctioned scholarships to 94 nos only as per funds, we could mobilize.

The fifth year of our activity (2010-11):-

In 2010-11 also, we had received large no, of applications against which we could induct 43 nos of fresh scholars as per availability of funds.

The sixth year of our activity (2011-12):-

In 2011-12, we had received approximate. 444 applications out of which we have inducted 187nos of fresh scholars.Thus, by now, We have inducted 468nos of students as our scholars.

The Seventh year of our activity (2012-13):-

In 2012-13, we have further inducted 111 fresh students.Thus total no of students as our scholars work out as 468 + 111 = 579 nos

The Eight year of our activities (2013-14):-

In 2013-14, we had resaved over 411 applications out of which we have inducted 72 nos of fresh scholars making total of 579+72=651 nos to whom we are supporting for their Higher Studies.

The Ninth year of our activities (2014-15):-

In 2014-15, we had resaved over 556 applications out of which we have inducted 70 nos of fresh scholars making total of 651+70=721 nos to whom we are supporting for their Higher Studies.

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